With word from the cutting edge of neuroscience, Denise Shull can entertain, educate and inspire audiences that range from senior executives to football teams to groups of quantitative traders. When she first started speaking publicly, a professor from Northwestern called and said “How do you do it, how do you get audiences of mostly men to listen to the idea that emotions matter?

Take a healthy dose of cutting-edge science, cut it to fit the real world and speak as if you are chatting with a friend (because you really are). The formula works. Routinely, listeners report “that was the best talk of the day“.

2013 Events

GAIM USA – The Real Psychology of Trading

The Art of Algorithmic War @ The Battle of the Quants

A Fireside Chat – stories from the underworld inside Traders’ Brains @ The Galtere’s Institute’s Behavioral Finance and Future of Finance Symposium

2014 Topics

The Radical Psychology of Risk – Rethink thinking itself. It is in fact not the quantitative, linear and analytical endeavor we are taught in school.

Why Athletic Teams with more ‘High Fives’ Win More Games – “Chemistry” is power but how do you create it in the corporate world?

How Fractal Geometry explains the Mysteries of the Human Psyche – understanding why you (and they) do what they do.

Note: Contact Carole Barnes @ CBA Speakers Bureau to arrange for Denise to INSPIRE your audience.