I have read everything you have written in the field over the years and I feel an immediate improvement in my awareness after the two recent lectures and am attempting to apply it daily! AK, Hedge Fund Mgr. August 2012

We all actually know there is an ironic gap between where the numbers leave off and the bottom-line grows. How do you analyze that seemingly intangible suite of human factors that make the difference between decent performance and exceptional results?

It is in this all-important gray area where ReThink can help. We go beyond the list of behavioral biases to where actions really spring from – the way people feel.

  • Evaluating hedge fund managers
  • Reviewing candidates for the intangible “trader intuition”.
  • Changing team dynamics – amongst a portfolio or management team.
  • SpottingĀ  potential human risks – on trade desks, in venture capital decisions, in boardrooms

Because we look at motivation, fear, competition and frustration differently, we can make a contribution to the organization’s collective emotional intelligence in a way unavailable from other consultants. Our application of neuroeconomics and evolutionary psychology enables us to get beyond the litany of behavioral biases to strategies that stand the test of time.